Sunday, December 22, 2013


You hear it so much this time of year - “Peace on Earth.” So many holiday cards say it, so many journalists and commentators talk about it, but it seems as elusive as ever at the start of the New Year. How can that be? I’ll bet if you asked every individual on Earth whether they preferred “War” or “Peace” there would be less than 5% that said “War.” So how is it that the other 95% of us who are sick and tired of war and conflict can’t seem to make the other 5% stop doing it? It’s because we’re not connecting the dots. We’re just coming to understand that the personal IS political and that we must have the exact same peaceful social values in our foreign policy as we are striving for in our general society.

American social values are trying mightily to move in the direction of greater acceptance and greater compassion in many ways. We’re taking new, more common sense looks at things like:

* the right to earn the same for a job regardless of your sex
* the right to express your sexuality without being beaten up or fired
* the right to work for a living wage
* the right to utilize a natural herbal remedy in all sorts of beneficial ways
* who really wins and who really loses when we wage war instead of peace to settle
international disagreements

Our leaders though are still stuck in the military-industrial age of war for profit and pleasure (for a VERY few!) and governing via short term ego trips. So it’s the right time to make a pledge to demand from our “leaders” the kind of behavior we are more and more demanding from ourselves in our personal lives – open mindedness and fair, intelligent living.


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