Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I just wrote a guest article for Bombshell, the EVE’s section of Blast Magazine – “Equal, Beautiful, Smart, Female Journalism” - http://blastbombshell.com. Blast is an online-only magazine for Gen-Y, those born between the late 70s and the mid-90s, and it definitely has attitude with a capital “A.”

This was a wonderful opportunity to introduce these Gen-Y EVE to the assertiveness and activism of Conversations with EVE. Their generation has grown up taking for granted that EVE are leading scientists, presidents of colleges, members of the U.S. Senate, etc., etc. They have been enjoying the expanded the freedoms and opportunities for EVE that were won during the women’s rights movements of the 60s.

The young EVE in this photo are the first all-female crew of a C-130 aircraft. I chose this photo because it’s their generation that has fought for opportunities in all parts of society – including the military. So maybe it will be the EVE of their generation who have seen war up close and too personal (from combat injuries to sexual assault by their fellow service personnel) who will demand a peaceful world in which to raise their grandchildren.

It will be their generation that defends and protects EVE’s rights as we go forward into the 21st century. So it’s critically important that EVE of this generation have a sense of how fragile our freedoms and opportunities are, especially in the face of the “war on women” being waged by so many American legislatures and courts.

Let’s continue to inform and empower young EVE to be proud of their heritage and fierce in defense of their rights. And let’s hope that by the time they are in their 60s they will have expanded EVE’s rights and protections even further to include the elimination of the rape and abuse culture, fair and equal pay for all, contraception that’s easy to get and easy to use, and more.

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