Tuesday, January 14, 2014


THESE are extremely strong, courageous EVE! I say that because this picture was taken at a celebration of International Women’s Day in Afghanistan in March, 2012.

This is the second year that EVE in Afghanistan have been allowed to hold events to observe this day of honoring and celebrating EVE worldwide. And this time they had some things to celebrate.

On the right is Fatima. She is one of only five EVE members of the District Community Council (DCC) in Nahr-e-Saraj district. Theirs is one of the few districts with any EVE representation on the DCC, but all five EVE members are vocal and visible participants in meetings and subcommittees.

There were two events initiated and organized in the district by Afghan EVE that day, and each of the events was attended by hundreds of EVE and many, many children. They came together to give speeches, sing songs, recite poetry, and revel in this taste of respect and freedom. They also watched plays showing how EVE can use their influence to bring about even greater improvements in their society.

Both events were given a political “stamp of approval” when the District Governor attended and spoke. He acknowledged the injustices that Afghan EVE have suffered over the past 30 years and praised the participants for their courage. He also spoke to the need for active leadership by EVE and the education and training of EVE doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, etc. to contribute to their culture’s future.

There is still a great deal of work needed in Afghanistan and many other countries to give EVE a fair chance at a safe, happy life. But the fact that these celebrations took place at all is definitely a sign of progress – and hope.

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