Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Groups of mostly male politicians are meeting, plotting, accusing, demanding, and threatening to take away EVE’s right to make their own choices about child bearing. And they’re not kidding.

But none of this political posturing, religious fervor, and EVE bashing ever gets to the point – ENABLING EVE TO ONLY BECOME PREGNANT WHEN THEY CHOOSE TO!!! Not one of these groups ever says anything about ending the need for abortion. They’re too busy crafting new ways to limit or take away EVE’s options about pregnancy.

You may have heard about the marathon filibuster by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis a few weeks ago to stop a bill to outlaw all abortions in Texas after 20 weeks and set completely unnecessary standards that will shut down almost every provider in the state. I say “will” because the legislature has already reconvened to pass the bill and Gov. Perry plans to sign it. So there’s little that can save Texan EVE’s rights this time. (Except the next election!)

This anti-EVE bill in Texas got a lot of press because of Sen. Davis’ filibuster, but there are bills like this and worse being passed in many, many state legislatures in direct violation of EVE’s civil and legal rights. Arkansas legislators passed a bill banning abortion after just 12 weeks, and North Dakota legislators are working on a set of bills that would outlaw abortion after just 6 weeks, a time when many EVE don’t even know they’re pregnant. And, of course, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill in in June to outlaw abortions after 20 weeks.

But none of these legislators seem to have ever held an intelligent, socially responsible discussion about making abortion UNNECESSARY not just limited or illegal.

There are billions of words spoken and printed about every aspect of the abortion debate. Except one. I’ve never seen one report about a serious discussion about why abortion is still even necessary for millions of EVE in America and around the globe every year. (The media won’t tell you, but you can find out exactly what’s going on in Conversations with EVE.)

So maybe we should ask our state and national political leaders when they plan to schedule this discussion. Then we could ask the real questions right out loud:

1. When are you going to understand that EVE don’t want to need abortions?
2. When are EVE going to have the social power to plan our pregnancies?

It’s time to convene new panels and ask the questions BEFORE they take us completely back to the 1950s when abortions were back alley and contraceptives were only for the rich.

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