Sunday, July 21, 2013


Let me tell you a little secret—men have NOT always been in charge.

I’m not saying that in a flip kind of way, but in a totally serious way. Because understanding that “men have NOT always been in charge” is essential to solving the most pressing social, religious, and environmental issues facing the human race today. ALL OF THEM! But how could that be possible?

For the same reasons that you can’t read a newspaper or listen to the news these days without seeing a report about the latest controversy related to issues that affect EVE: rampant cases of sexual assault and domestic abuse, restricting access to contraception and abortion, less pay for the same job, and on and on. But what you don’t read or hear anything about is why EVE’s rights and freedoms are at issue in the first place:
- why are we arguing about EVE’s rights when men’s rights are taken for granted?
- where did the “traditional” belief that EVE are socially inferior and subservient to men come from?

The belief that EVE are inferior to men isn’t factual or logical, but it is deeply held and has unbelievable control over human society. But has that always been the case?

You may be surprised to know that the evidence tells us that it hasn’t and that human society operated very differently in the past. In fact, both EVE and men were valued and respected for 90 to 99% of the time we’ve been modern humans. Let me say that another way. Men were not controlling EVE or society for almost all of human cultural history. And that insight is crucial to understanding both the causes and the cures for crises like environmental destruction, overpopulation, and continual warfare. Why? Because those problems are directly caused by the same social values that declare men superior to EVE allow them to dominate and control women.

A perfect example of how these values play out in modern culture is the appalling level of sexual assault on women in the U.S. military. And the Air Force’s top general, Mark Welsh, recently pinpointed the attitude that drives this issue. He said, “We have a problem with respect for women.”

But there’s hope, because ordinary people hold extraordinary power to change those negative social values that are creating the problems. Every individual in every culture has the power to positively influence their society on a daily basis. This power lies in the trillions of routine choices that we all make, every day, everywhere. Because when we see “male superior” values for what they are (illogical and dysfunctional) we can start consciously making those trillions of choices based on the positive values that served humanity for millennia – respecting EVE and men as equal members of society, and maintaining a balance of power and authority between the sexes – and we can change the world.

Learn more about why EVE were honored and respected for tens of thousands of years and how the Myth of Male Superiority changed that, as well as easy actions you can do to bring that respect back in Conversations with EVE.

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