Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It’s almost unbelievably cruel and unfair! Yet, in 44 states it’s perfectly legal to fire EVE for being survivors of domestic abuse. And it’s legal to evict EVE victims from their home for “creating a nuisance” if they call the police for protection. I know that “blame the victim” is the strategy to keep EVE silent about their abuse, but this is outrageous.

Once again, abuse of EVE is treated differently than other violent crimes. People aren’t fired or evicted when they are attacked or injured in an assault and battery case. So how can American society possibly justify such legal inequality that keeps abuse victims at the mercy of their abusers?

There are many reasons that escaping an abusive home can be extremely difficult for EVE. But studies show that up to 75% of abuse victims are forced to stay and endure beatings and demeaning treatment simply because they can’t afford to go anywhere else. So this mindset actually gives abusers greater power to control their victims by getting them fired for creating a situation at their job. These EVE are further punished just for being victims, because NO job = NO ability to leave!

But Congress has the power to change this terrible situation by passing the SAFE (Security and Financial Empowerment) Act. This bill won’t stop the abusers, but it would at least protect survivors from employer backlash and ban discrimination in hiring. It would also provide a safety net by making EVE eligible for unemployment benefits if they must leave their jobs to go into hiding from their abuser.

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